Saturday, June 15, 2013

Here we go again.

Another round of queries away.

I'm quite nervous... I'm praying really hard that these ladies will be interested, they're all great people and I'd be happy to have any of them represent me. Now It's a waiting game. Wish me luck!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Long absence

Greetings followers,

I apologize for lapses in blog posts. If you've been following me on tumblr or on facebook you've seen more art and activity in the past months.

I'd like to start by criticizing Google's linked account ability which allows me to edit multiple youtube accounts wihtout logging out but not multiple blogger accounts because that's just a shame. I'd have so much more to say on this blog if I didn't have to log out of gmail, youtube, gchat and etc to do it.

Anyway, I've been editing and editing for the elapsed time, finally ready to send to more agents. The last batch passed, which is fine, the manuscript is stronger now, and hopefully worth pursuing. i'll update everyone with my progress soon. Until then, have some art I've created in the time we've been apart.