Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm my own thief

I've run into an interesting problem of late... I keep stealing from myself.

I had to give Fire Town a whole rewrite for this new draft - the old way of things was meandering and unfocused so I had to punch it up. I worked on it for months until I got it just the way I like it... then moved on to Water Town and found - lo! In an effort to make Fire Town exciting I'd completely stolen Water Town's backstory! I guess I only have one idea at a time huh?

So this led to a decision; do I like Water Town's version better or Fire Town's version better. The answer is emphatically Water Town. Water Town's backstory has been the same as it is in one way or another since it's inception. So back I went to Fire Town to nip all the backstory out and replace it with another.... which was remarkably easy (go figure) The present was staying the same and a couple lines of dialog removed and replaced smoothed it all over. Then it was off to work on Water Town again.

Water Town doesn't get a WHOLE rewrite but it is getting a facial and a pedicure as it were... the beginning segment was horribly boring and needed a change. I came up with a great solution - it explained a ton and got everyone in the places they needed to be (which is a problem for me) and I wrote it as I was happy with it until I realized... I'd stolen that from Castleton in, like, the third scene! One trick pony - this am I.

It's because everything relates back to Cat and Peter's friendship - her stubbornness and his martyr complex.

In light of that though I think perhaps I might keep it...

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