Monday, November 21, 2011

A discovery

So today I discovered I'm a writer.

I know that seems silly what with me having already completed a novel, but let me explain. I had a meeting today with a very very nice local business consultant ready and willing to learn about my illustration work and how he could help me. Instead of whipping out my work and expounding on how accomplished, useful and willing I am I prattled on forever about writing - not necessarily Threadcaster, I didn't dwell on the novel itself - but about writing in general and being in writing groups and how writing works and my plans for publication. I met with him hoping to get leads on a job for my illustration and by natural conversational happenstance I wasted the whole time on my other career.

I guess that means that Writing is my primary passion then huh? I can do the rest, but when asked what I want to be doing Threadcaster is it. It is what I want to be working on, it's what I want to put my hours and invest my future in. I'm discouraged because this seems like a really stupid thing to have done, but I guess it's true now. The conversation wouldn't have happened if I wasn't being honest.

So hi everyone, I'm a writer. Lets hold hands and pray this isn't a huge mistake in priorities.

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  1. Jen: Maybe you're an artist. Sometimes you manifest that with writing and sometimes with drawing pictures or illustrating. The two are not contradictory. When you write, you write about what you see in your mind's eye. When you illustrate, you illustrate what you see in your mind's eye. You go to the same well of creativity for both. Your animation talent is a third outlet. What a blessing to have so many creative outlets. There may be others that you have yet to discover. I saw a documentary on Jerry Lewis last night. He is/was an incredibly creative person with multiple creative talents. I recommend that you take a look at that to see how he developed all of those talents without infringing on any of them. It's likely that you already know all of this but have not thought about it lately. Joe