Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another design-based post

The extensive rewrite is now turning to setting as well. There's a certain portion of this draft that is still "First Drafty". Most the first bit has been reevaluated and edited twice already, but the newest stuff is still raw and needs some serious consideration.

The change I've decided to make tonight is location based. The Runian Mansion where Joshua lives used to be a grand location showing its age.. a place that was once the richest and most extravagant building in the Valley having since fallen into disrepair by centuries of isolationism. It was a good image, and a great parallel to how God is suffering as well for want of a relationship to mankind, but it kind of muddied the line of Runians vs Sinners. The Runians are not perfect, but they're chosen and the few people left in the Valley that hold on to religion the way they were meant to. God is still with them.

What I've changed now is I've made the mansion straight up rich and extravagant with no strings. Everything is gold covered and painted and decorated to the nines, the clothes are all fine and expensive with hours and hours of embroidery work in every piece. The rationale? They're bored. They're all images of the Creator and desperate to improve and make stuff, so they've been turning that energy on their house for five hundred years. the thing is getting to the point of being ridiculous and it makes Cat and company (especially the Curses who are all deformed in one way or another) feel very out of place. Now its a contrast between the realm of man and the realm of God... hopefully it'll give the reader an image of goodness opposed to a perception of rich=bad.

i've even given Joshua a new "home" outfit that's super clean and fancy. I'll have to design it later. For now it's after 1 and I must sleep.

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  1. I'm super excited to see Joshua's "home" outfit, and to hear about the changes to the Runian house! ^__^