Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Penname Decision

Welp, I have consulted some writer friends of mine and I've come to the decision to nix the penname idea. I'll keep Jameson handy for a future pennames I need to use, like if I write competing books or something.

I'll always have Jameson. Maybe I'll couple it with my married name in the future (when I get married)... hopefully it'll flow better than Stolzer.


  1. Well in the end, it's not a bad choice. At least this way, people'll know who wrote the books of awesome that they're reading. Though must admit, am probably still gonna think of you as Jame. Well unless you want to be thought of as 'Jen'? (That is of course if you even like the name Jen... Oh good lord this could spiral into terror and badness, D:) I'm gonna stick with Jame until told otherwise.

  2. Jen, Jame, whatever pleases you, at this point I answer to both :)