Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Promotionally Speaking

I know the manuscript isn't done yet, but that's not stopping me from pitching it to a couple agents two weekends from now. Hopefully they'll be interested enough to give me a second look... to help ensure that I'm making myself some Threadcaster Business Cards.

It'll basically be the blog template (lotsa mauve with that shot of Cat's chin and string) with the words Threadcaster: A Novel by Jennifer Stolzer written real big on the front. Then a photo and my contact information on the back. I'll post a pic of if up here for review when I'm done and share it with Facebook as well. The audience is larger over there for now.

Do you all think I should link this blog on the front of the card too? I've got the room.. I might as well, right. It'll be a great place to follow the book's progress and read up on it's world and characters (when I get around to making those posts. I'm planning one out very soon)


  1. I don't think that putting the link to the blog on the card should be a problem, unless there's another website that will serve as the "official" page for the book.

    Also, while I can mentally imagine what your card will look like, based on your description, I was always taught in school to try and leave at least one side of the card blank. That way, the person you give the card to can make notes on it to better remember you. Though since it sounds like you have a lot of necessary info that has to go on the card (and it will have a photo of you on the card too), using both sides should be fine. Just my two cents on the subject :)

  2. Yeah I want to make sure they remember my face after we part. Maybe I'll put a big field of pink on there for blank space. It's looking dark right now.